What is a medical intuitive? And Does it really work?

A medical intuitive is a type of holistic health practitioner who uses intuition, or their innate ability to sense the physical and emotional energy of a person, to help diagnose and treat physical and emotional health issues. They are not medical professionals, and do not provide medical advice or treatment. Rather, they use their intuition to guide clients in understanding and addressing the root causes of physical and emotional ailments.

Intuitives believe that many pains (not all ) come from emotion, for example. In many countries all over the world there is a saying that says that when you have lower back pain, it’s because of financial stress. The medical intuitive would be able to see that your backache is money related, without you even them telling anything, and maybe give you constructive advice depending on your situation. It is sometimes very very precise instructions.

They also believe that science is totally legit and must be used ! Some diseases need pills and needles, that’s just how it works! And they believe, just like many eastern medicine such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Bali Usada and more do, that if we can connect the dots between emotions and problems, we can avoid many of those health issues. This is a global approach that can show magic on unexplained ailments.

Intuition really?

I know quite a few medical intuitives that I have met over the years, some can really feel what’s going on. I have been blessed to meet people who can see through a body with their third eye, yes they actually see a full HD picture of your disease, this is very real. Ok, you’re going to think, yes Patrice (it’s me writing this article), you’re crazy ! And I understand this completely. I would not have believed it myself a few years ago. Until that happened to me, the magik ( yes magic with a K, that is the real magic without tricks ) will just leave you speechless in a “what just happened to me moment?”, or “what did i just see right now???”.

Some intuitives can even move through your organs, see the blood cells etc. Yes, it’s that accurate when it is needed. As for me, the smallest thing i’ve seen was probably an allergen on a mushroom in the stomach of the person. He just had to stop eating mushrooms to solve his bowel problems! This is a real life example.

Other examples, some intuitives can hear someone whispering in their ears, some can just read you like a book. There are so many different styles, and they are all complementary. There are some scientists running tests with hundreds of healers on one patient to see if they can get accelerated healings!

Why do people say “medical intuitive healing?”

Many people believe that the practitioner is the one to heal the client. This is not the case, you are the one to heal yourself. Let’s take a physical metaphor for this concept. Let’s say you slightly cut your finger while peeling potatoes.Your body creates the self repair mecanism to heal itself. This is what we are talking about. The medical intuitive will assist you and your body to be in that state of “self repair”. Some might call it placebo effect ( the placebo effect is actually mesured and real! ). Others will call it energy work.  Even if this is not yet mesurable by science, it’s believed (and accepted by energy workers) that the intuitive is able to remove blocks that prevent you from healing yourself. It is not rare that the client feels tingling, heat or pressure, or gets to shake during a session! Some people even get to see flying energies!

We all have seen it, a miracle happened to someone we met, his or her chronic illness or pain the one had for decades just disappears a few seconds or minutes after a reading. We don’t explain it, it just happens so often that this is why so many people say “medical intuitive healing” or “energy healer” . Factual data without scientific proof that speaks for itself, and yes, it’s puzzling for the medical professionnals…

Can an intuitive heal everything?

Short answer is NO. They are not medical professionals. It is in no way a medical consultation. I wished there was a different terminology for this world, but that can be sometimes a bit confusing indeed. And they can not see everything either. We don’t know why it’s like this and that sometimes things go through the net. It is always recommended that you go see a healthcare professional.

Also if you are not in a state of total surrender, the intuitive will miss a lot of points on your body. During such a reading, you must let your ego out of the door and allow that the supernatural is real.

Can this be done remotely?

Absolutely, you can be anywhere in the word, NYC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, England, France, Australia, Japan etc, distance is not a problem, many intuitives work from a photo or 2 : some readers like to see the front and back of the person. The reading can be in real time, via zoom, or “offline” from a photography. I usually prefer to work not knowing anything, it makes it more interesting! But it is really a client personal preference. For real time appointments make sure to be in the correct time zone !

How does a session work?

Every intuitive uses its own technique to read you, there is not a single person that works the same way. There are “big lines” though.

First of all, you will need to come to the session with an open mind and be opened to be read, and to everything that could be said to you, some messages might sound out of this world, or completely unrelated to your health problem. I will give you an example, maybe you have shoulder pain, but the intuitive will tell you that you have a problem with your left foot.
In many cases the intuitive usually can see the source of the problem and not always the problem itself. A slight imbalance can cause a lot of problems. Imagine, when you have a little rock in your shoe, this tiny little object can basically stop you from walking and damage your whole body because you are twisted. Same principle here.

stay relaxed
Stay relaxed and go with the flow

You must totally surrender and be calm (the intuitive will guide you via his own techniques, breathing, meditation, music etc. ), and also be prepared to wait. The intuitive needs to be completely in “the zone” to read your body, if you bring the energy of impatience with you it will only slow down the process. By being completely relaxed and open you are helping the reading. It can sometimes take several minutes (I had a few cases where it took me a few hours!) to get the information you are looking for.

The intuitive will enter in a meditative state, and tune in to your vibration, and will either receive messages from your body directly, your higherself, or from your guides and other helpers (what some people would call Angels, Archangels, Divinities etc. ), the information is usually delivered within your belief system.

What happens during a session?

Some also call it “Medical Intuitive Scan”, i called it e-body scan but we’re basically talking about the same thing.

Here is where it gets interesting, many outcomes can happen during a session.

1) Nothing happens

Yes, that happens, there are people where we see absolutely nothing, this is quite rare, but that happens. Those people might think “ok this is completely fake !” and I understand it completely. There is nothing we can do for them, except send them to a regular doctor and lab testing. Conventional medicine applies 100% for those people. Thank you science.

2) The intuitive receives guidance

It happens on a regular basis that the intuitive receives guidance about what to do. It can be somewhere in between, “eat more fruits”, to “go to see a doctor quickly !” or more specific, like “go see this specialist who specializes in nerve damage” for example. The guidance received can be very very precise. Like the allergen on the mushrooms example as mentioned earlier in this article.

3) The customer receives guidance

This happens rarely, but it does happen now and then. The customer is usually in a relaxed state during a session, and starts receiving visuals, or hearing voices or gets a weird taste in his mouth. This has happened to me 2 or 3 times during live sessions (not night shifts). This is my favorite way of getting the message delivered, because the customer can not deny what is being said to him/her, he/she experienced it with full emotions. They are usually in total shock after a session like this, because it will feel more real than reality to them, I love to see their frozen look and their jaw dropping. This is my favorite way of all, it always brings me a smile.

4) The intuitive gets to see inside the body or feel the energies

A few years ago I always found people talking about energies a bit “flying too much up there”, this is because, first i didn’t know anything about this world, and i did not feel the energies like them, this is so “abstract”. It’s hard to believe this is true if you haven’t experienced it by yourself.
I do not always have the capacity of feeling energies like other intuitives do, and yes, sometimes that makes me a bit frustrated, but i have my own style, and I am embracing that ! The way i get the information is quite different : I get full HD visuals ! Some of us (Like Laura Kamm or Jerry Wills) can see exactly what’s going on in your body, and they can tell you ! And sometimes it comes with help along the way, really cool messages or helpful techniques (acupressure points to apply for example). Or a it can also be sometimes, a diet recommendation.

This is and illustration that is very close to how many intuitives are able to see in side bodies, with the problematic zone in color. (Credit Photo Canva,  this is from a Real X Ray machine, with Photoshop Coloring of the zone).

5) The patient feels energy or sees things!

This is quite common and it usually happens when least expected. The person receiving the reading feels a heat wave on a body part or is blinded by light. Or he/she can see energies. This is a very common phenomenom. People can also sometimes see “beings” such as divinities, deceased loved ones or dragons and unicorns etc. This is absolutely mind blowing for the patient when this happens.

6) Some magik happens

I really like this magic with a k word. We’ve all seen it, we’ve all experienced it one way or another, one day a patient comes in limping, and goes out running fine ! In a few minutes the leg pain has vanished. Nobody will really be able to tell you why or how that happened, but it’s just so beautiful. And good news, this type of techniques are getting more accepted by the general public but also by doctors and hospital professionnals, ok… it’s not everywhere yet, but one day we will get there, and that will make a huge difference in terms of recovery times for some patients. Leaving a lot of free time for nurses and doctors to take care of people with more serious problems, what a wonderful world is it going to be!

So, does it really work?

There is no such straight YES or NO answer. If you are reading this page, it’s most likely it will work for you, because you already have the intuition that something other than purely physical is going on in your body, and that is where the medical intuitive can help you sort things out and perform the magik. All the medical intuitives have examples of incredible miraculous healings, and other examples were nothing happened (we just don’t brag about those ! but i think the subject needs to be discussed seriously. ), it’s just part of the process, just like a headache, sometimes you take an aspirin, and it doesn’t go away either, but in most cases, it does!

Are you ready to set an appointment for an intuitive reading and discover what could be behind your mysterious aches and pains? You can find your practitioner on the medical intuitive directory.

Interview of the making of a medical intuitive

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