I can’t think of a greater path to holistic healing than this

Having received guidance and healing from Patrice, I am in awe of how my connection with him has enabled me to access the power I have within and move beyond my limiting beliefs. Truly, I can’t think of a greater path to holistic healing than this. I am forever grateful to you, Patrice.

Alejandra Orozco, Ph.D. / Canada

Absolutely Remarkable Visuals

Patrice’s readings are truly one of a kind. He received messages about conversations me and my other half we having about our future and confirmed those ideas. His visuals are absolutely remarkable. One of these visuals helped confirm and assisted me and my body with what I needed to hear in the moment. He supported me with information about a certain supplement that my body needed. Patrice will assist in what you need to hear about a variety of areas that relates to you personally in a way that is helpful, enthusiastic and passionate.

Nicole / Canada

The universe has my back!

Patrice’s reading was just what I needed!  It was confirmation of the ideas and projects I have received through my own intuition. Now, after seeing what he wrote, has allowed me to tell myself, “Hey Bret, you can take all that safety gear off now, you know what needs to happen, and the universe has your back!” So does Patrice! Thank you!

Bret Ressler / Belvidere Illinois, USA

Always original and surprising

I think it’s so beautiful how you encourage several people a day in their development. You make me laugh and move me because you are always original and surprising. Thank you for supporting me and others.

Leonie / Holland

The results speak for themselves

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing holistic healing with Patrice, and I must say, it was a truly transformational experience.
I was struggling with chronic pain in my legs, but after just a few sessions with Patrice, I noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms.
Not only did he address my physical pain, but he also took the time to understand my emotional and mental well-being, creating a truly holistic approach to my healing.
I highly recommend Patrice’s holistic healing methods to anyone looking for a comprehensive and effective solution for their health and wellness needs. The results speak for themselves and I am grateful for his expertise.

Michael Jessing / Germany

I was a little sceptical…

Since I never had any readings or energy healing or reiki before, I admit being a little sceptical about the results and I felt insecure at first but Patrice has a very calm voice and we did some helpful breathing techniques. After that he started scanning through my body. Without any knowledge about my issues he was able to identify the troubling areas in my body and remove a lot of energy from there. I wasn’t expecting to feel the process in my body that intensively. After the session I felt way lighter and sensed a lot of positive emotions. Also I feel like my senses became sharp again. I totally recommend Patrices sessions to anyone who’s struggeling with a lot of heaviness in their lives.

Eva / Germany

An amazing experience

The reading experience with Patrice was amazing! He was able to connect to my cosmic family, see them, and provide me an important piece to my puzzle of my cosmic origin! He was also able to see negative parasites floating in my environment that were disturbing me since weeks! I really recommend his healing, he is so gifted 🙏

Federica / Italy