Over the years of my spiritual journey i have been highly influenced by the following amazing people.

Jerry Wills

Jerry Wills is a famous Medical Intuitive / American healer, the first time i saw him on Gaïa TV, I was in awe, and my jaw dropped when I realized I could also see the energy inside bodies like he does, i wasn’t alone ! After that point I met many people who could also see the energetical body of people ! His website is : https://www.jerrywills.com/

Laura Alden Kamm : Medical Intuitive

Laura is my new hero, she is the representation of the loving power of the divine feminine. She can see through bodies, even taste the medicine you are taking, smell the alcohol in your brain. She is a medical intuitive healer that is just on another level of healing, she’s what Hussen Bolt is for running , but for healing, she is her own category, she is my reference point of what is possible. Her website is : https://www.laurakamm.com/

Delphine Vandevoorde

Even Though she doesn’t advertise her “magik skills” (yes magik with a K !), Delphine Vandevoorde is an incredible ayurvedic masseuse based in the town of Boulogne sur Mer in the north of France. She is rather discreet, but also has her “super powers” that she doesn’t brag about. She’s one of the rare french “healer” to offer “galactic connexions”. She can even take photos of energies flying during her sessions ! She’s playing in her own league and is one of the rare practitioners in France to practice the art of Sacred Massage ! Her website is : https://www.delphinevandevoorde.com/

Here’s a cute video about Delphine’s workplace

Daniela Karuna – Instituto Hoya

Originally from Brazil, Daniela is now based in Portugal. She is an incredible masseuse mixed with shamanic gifts that are surreal. She probably will never tell you what she really sees and does, but her senses are from another world. She can heal your soul like no one else. If you have the chance to book an appointment with her, you will never see a massage session the same way, she will be your new reference point ! She is also like Jerry Wills, a person who can see through your body and find the energetical dysfunctions. Her website is : https://www.institutohoya.pt/

Video of Daniela’s workplace

Debbie Solaris

Debbie Solaris has some serious balls ! She is one of the first person to really talk about what my wife likes to call “Galactic Spirituality”. She clearly had the guts to open the path for all the new healers and starseeds and people who are awakening who are trying to understand what is happening to them. And as a bonus, she’s adorable ! Her website is https://www.debbiesolaris.com/

Suzanne Spooner

I discovered Suzanne Spooner on a Gaia show called “Interview with Extra Dimensionals” made by Reuben Langdon, her QHHT session with Beverly totally blew my mind. She has an incredible free meditation on her website called “The Universal Mind Project” ( https://www.suzannespooner.com/universal-mind-project ). This meditation just blew my mind in terms of unlocking the mind, I highly recommend that you do it too !

Marie Guerdin

Marie Guerdin is just out of this world too, she is an incredibly talented hypnotherapist. I refer to her as “the human ayahuasca”, she has the ability to take some people where only medicinal plants can take them ! She will take you through past life regressions and incredible spiritual healing adventures ! She speaks fluent english, don’t hesitate to write to her in english : https://www.marieguerdin.fr/en/english/

Elizabeth April

She is basically the reason why this website exists ! I discovered Elizabeth April on Gaïa, she had an amazing show on Interview with Extra Dimensionals, and had a great interview with Georges Noory on Beyond Beliefs (yes we love you Georges ! ). She has built an amazing community for Starseeds and is helping a ton of people understand what’s going on with them !  Thank to the kindness of her community i could run many tests about E-Body reading, and had to admit that i wasn’t that crazy afterall and that this is all real ! I just couldn’t make this stuff up on unknown people who didn’t tell me anything !
She has many videos and a great community on her website, i can only invite you to subscribe to her website (she has a free subscription service that gives you a taste of what’s behind the scenes, and that is already a lot ! ). Her website is : https://elizabethapril.com/

Carole Serignat

Carole is based in the beautiful Alpine city of Annecy in France, her specialty is “Chi Nei Tsang”. If you don’t know what it is, Chi Nei Tsang is a specific belly massage. She also does other energy work, but i have to tell you this, her hands are like no one else’s. It’s like “pure love” is touching you, you won’t even believe it is actual hands that are touching your body. She definitely has a special gift. Unfortunately she doesn’t speak English, so if you book a session with her, bring your Google Translator ! She has a unique gift that is hard to find anywhere else (at least in France). Her website is her facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/caroleserignat74

Annecy is my favorite city in France ! Hard to believe, but it’s more beautiful in real than on photos !

Caroline Bizetto

Caroline is absolutely fascinated about the human body, she studies it all the time ! She is an incredibly talented sport masseuse ! She is also a person with an amazing level of focus and dedication and will sometimes surprise her clients with a little channeling session during their massage !  She can also see the neuro-muscular network of your body through your skin.  Her website is : https://www.caroline.pt/

Sheila Gillette – Ask Theo

Sheila Gillette is so adorable that i just can not miss any of her interviews, I discovered her on the show Open Minds animated by Regina Meredith. She is an incredible Channeler and the messages she delivers are no-nonsense. She’s just amazing, if you’re looking to enlighten your spiritual journey, her website is:  https://asktheo.com/

Meg Benedicte

Meg is certainly not known as much as she deserves to be ! Her modalities are just out of this world. I understand they are not for everyone. But if you are looking for something special in your spiritual journey, treat yourself with a session with Meg, she will blow your mind, i’ll guarantee it ! Her website is : https://newearthcentral.com/meet-meg-benedicte/

All the channelers !

Belinda Womack, Paul Selig,  Daryl Anka (Bashar), Lee Carroll (kryon), Natalie Glasson, Tara Arnold , Diana Cooper, Micheila Sheldon, Rob Gauthier, Sam the illusionist, Daniel Scranton, Cornelius Christopher, Nora Herold, Louise Kay and more !

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