My Medical Intuitive Course is an educational program aimed to help individuals learn how to sense and interpret energy within the body. Through guided meditations and exercises and virtual patients, participants will discover a deeper connection with their intuition and delve into the subtle energy pathways of the body.

Additionally, the program can equip students with the skills necessary to identify and interpret physical, mental and emotional imbalances (empaths will have a strong advantage at this) within the patient. This knowledge can then be shared with a healthcare professional who can use it to create targeted healing protocols, such as recommending supplements, providing mindful exercises and energetic treatments.

Through this program, individuals will gain insight into how to read the body and mind energy flow, and help unblock the pathways for the patient to heal themselves (remember we are not healers, the persons are the ones to heal themselves!)

How to become a medical intuitive?

You might feel attracted toward this modality as a full time job. I will be honest with you, it’s not that simple as “doing the courses and getting customers”. This kind of activity is something that will be developed over a long period of time, via word of mouth. I do this as a side activity because it brings me a lot of joy in helping people. It really brought this extra social thing that I needed in my life. So becoming an intuitive just by trying to build a salary out of it is probably not the best way to approach this. You must first be in a postition that is absolutely heart based.

One on One training available

It is possible to have a one on one training on demand. Please contact me for availabilities, details and custome tailored program (I will channel the course as we do it, this is not a one fits all course!). The price is $900. It will be a one to one training over Zoom video. I will match your schedule.

Recorded Course + 2 hours of live coaching

Via the Cosmic Awakening Collective, I offer a 21 days practice / pre-recorded course : you will find it here with the full program :

This course also includes 2 hours of live zoom call, so you can ask all your questions and share your thoughts with other students of the month.

Alternative healthcare modalities should not replace conventional Western medicine entirely, in most cases. Deciding which healthcare provider to use is up to the discretion of the patient, therefore we are not suggesting in any way, that people reject standard medical care. We simply emphasize that people have the free will to choose what works best for them. They could, and often do, combine different modalities – and reach an extremely satisfactory outcome.

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