How to Set an Energetic Hygiene Routine?

I was fortunate enough to have a very good mentor, who taught me early on the importance of energetic hygiene.

As a matter of fact, I almost became completely OCD about this. Energetic hygiene is not something that is often talked about, in fact one of the rare person talking about this is Cynthia Sue Larson (you might have seen her on Gaïa TV or other channel).

What is dirty energy?

Before diving in self care hygiene, it’s important to define what is dirty energy.

If you are not an energy worker, it is harder to realize that you are actually “dirty”. But here are signs that you are :

  • you are sad
  • you are frustrated
  • you get grumpy easily
  • you can’t sleep
  • everything annoys you
  • you are super sensitive to sound or light
  • you can’t stay around people for more than a minute
  • you have aches and pains
  • your hair looks tired
  • you complain a lot
  • you worry a lot
  • you are lazy
  • you don’t feel like engaging in new activities
  • you can’t look at people in the eyes
  • and more…

How to clean yourself up from dirty energy?

There are many many many ways to get cleaned up.  Most common ones are, going into nature, forest, mountain, ocean, you name it. I do my daily cleaning, even more sometimes, in between medical intuition readings , as I want my clients to be connected to the purest form of energy i can offer.

Meditation is also a good practice, with the intention of getting cleaned up of course. Some people use the white light shower technique, or put a bubble of white light around them. You may also call upon archangels or angels to clean you up, this is up to you.

Going in the sun is a very good way to recharge the body with bright energy, unfortunately this is not accessible to everyone, if you live in California it is way easier than if you live in Iceland… Try to get sunrays as much as possible if you are in a “grey weather area” (Northern Europe, Canada etc. ).

Physical Activity : go swimming, running, cycling etc. Get the darkness out of your system!

Take a shower of a bath : if you take a shower, imagine the water is like a shower of sparkling silver or white light. If you do a bath, you can salt the water, or add espom salts.

Sound Healing : play tuning forks or tibetan bowls, or happy music. Dancing is also a very good way to raise the vibration.

Ask for help. Asking for help is my prefered way of getting cleaned up. I believe that alone we can easily miss some zones of the body (emotions get stored in the cells). I try to go get a massage or an energetic healing  (Reiki, Laochi etc.)  every week with a practioner. That is a very good way to support small businesses too!

Get a massage gun : This is the best tip i’ve ever been given. Once you know where your cells store the emotions, you can just massage-gun them out. It’s not as enjoyable as a massage with a professional masseuse, but it does the trick, and it will save you a lot of money. If you are on a budget, this is a great tool to have in your toolbox.

Scream : if you can and are ready to do this, go outside and scream as loud as possible. You can scream in a pillow also if you are shy.

Shake : Animals do this all the time after they get scared! The human race forgot this technique. I am very blessed to have found it back. When I do healings, sometimes i receive a little bit of “shaking”, to move the energies around. It feels like an electric discharge in my body. It is an extremely powerful cleaning technique. It lasts only a fraction of a second, but the effects are astonishing really, I feel totally clean after a “tremor”.

Stretch : You don’t have to be a Yoga expert. Yin Yoga positions are really easy positions that everybody knows. The goal is to find the most unconfortable position, the one that stretches the most your nervous system, and keep it for as long as possible  ( 5 minutes or so ), until your nervous system gives up.  This is one of my favorite tool.

breathwork for self care and energy hygiene

Breathwork : Breathing techniques ( Pranayama ) are an amazing tool for massaging the vagus nerve, and get rid or all that dirty energy in the nervous system.

There are of course many more ways to clean up your energies!