Do you have questions regarding your energy body ?

This is actually the first visual I ever received. 

Photo Credits : Unknown

It was clearly made easy for me to find that picture on Google as it came up first in the results when I did a search! This was definitely part of a plan in order for me to know the name of this “thing”.

For so many years my wife had so many health problems, and no-one could figure out what was wrong with her ! All the tests she would do came back negative. Then one day, I touched my wife’s belly and i saw something incredible, like a flash in full HD in front of me ! I saw that she had parasites in her body that is called “ankylostoma”, I could actually see the energy of the parasite, like a “ghost in her body” but it was exactly like in this picture!

She immediately called her medical doctor for a prescription and got the appropriate medecine. This was the first time in my life i had such an insightful vision. The parasites had started eating her lungs and tissues from the inside ! The medicine got rid of the parasites and she is now fine.

Those types of visions occurred many times after, and keep occuring to this day,

i think that people like me as an extra “warning signal” to go see your medical doctor and anticipate problems. I am not a medical professional or licensed healthcare practitioner. We are extra tools who can give you insights to optimize what you need to be done.

Then one day, I discovered Mister Jerry Wills on television, as he was explaining how he worked, I realized “wow, that’s what’s happening to me !”. Over the years, my visions got more and more precise.

On your request, I will do a full energetic body scan and might receive one to several visuals that often come with messages from your guides.

Please note that this is not a medical consultation, in case of physical doubt/pain/concerns you must meet with a medical professionnal asap.

Note that the scan is not always a quick process, but it is always divinely timed.

During the scan we will also be clearing blockages that could prevent your from moving forward in your journey. You might experience some unexpected tears, burps, yawns or even get the shakes! Some people even feel mysterious benevolent pressure points on their body.

A scan can last anywhere from 2 minutes, to 7 hours !!! (the longest i’ve done for now ! ). Surprising fact, the shorter ones can have an enormous impact on people’s lives.

Sometimes… I just see issues through people in the streets or in restaurants…

Frequently asked questions

Can i get a a energetic body scan and clearing for someone else ?

It is only possible if you are asking for your own children, or a relative who can not answer (someone in a hospital bed in a coma for example) . if you ask for a person without permission, that will not work, I will get no answer or totally random results, this will waste precious time for people who are really in need, please acknowledge this.

How to book a medical intuitive reading with me ?

Below you will find a calendar with my availabilities.


If you don’t need a reading and would like to help a random stranger, donation is a great way to do it ! As of today, the average donation is  $52. (On average i give 1 to 2 free sessions a week to people in need).

Consultations will be performed live on ZOOM VIDEO.

Are there any requirements ?

You must be sober of any alcool, mushrooms or other psychedelics for at least 72h, as those disrupt the energetic field of your body and interfer with the reading.

Do you see all problems ?

Unfortunately, I do not, I highly insist that you must go see a certified medical doctor, for all your health needs, worries and questions. I do believe that science is real and amazing, and must be used !
Consider me as an extra tool that can sometimes catch something that has been missed.

How do you get the results ?

We set up an appointement on ZOOM, and I try to describe as precisely as possible what i see and what information is transfered ot me. You can ask questions regarding your issues, i sometimes get downloads with information about causes, from which you can adapt your lifestyle or diet for exemple, and resolve your issue naturally.

To book a session for you or your animal, you can book via this website.

Disclaimer :

Patrice Krysztofiak (me) is not a professional or licensed health care practitioner and makes no claims in this regard. The information you will receive is offered only within the realm of a “spiritual advisor”. You should consult a qualified physician regarding any medical condition for advice pertaining to your health.