What is a Certified Medical Intuitive?

A Certified Medical Intuitive (CMI) is a professional who uses intuitive abilities to identify potential physical, emotional, and spiritual health issues in individuals. These professionals are believed to access a person’s energetic fields or auras and gain insights into their health. They complement mainstream medical care by offering a holistic approach to health and wellness that covers physical, mental and emotional components.

What is the process of becoming a certified medical intuitive?

The process of becoming a certified medical intuitive typically involves undergoing training and education in areas such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, meditation, chakras, and energy fields, among others. After the training, the individual must pass a written and practical examination to demonstrate their understanding and competence. The certified medical intuitive’s role is not to replace medical advice but to supplement it, providing another perspective on the individual’s overall health.

However, it’s important to understand that despite the name “certified,” the term does not imply the same sort of rigorous, standardized testing or governmental oversight that traditional medical certifications involve.

As of now, there is no universal or governmentally-recognized certification process or accrediting body for medical intuitives.

The certification programs that do exist are often self-regulated by the organizations or individuals who create them. The value of these certifications is subjective and can vary widely in terms of credibility and quality – depending largely on the reputability, ethics, and professional standards of the issuing party.

My advice would be to follow your instinct in your choice of intuitive. Word of mouth, recommandations and testimonials are also a great indicator. It does not make a difference wether the practitioner is doing this locally or remotely over zoom video.

Therefore, while the term “certified medical intuitive” refers to someone who has completed a specific training program and earned a certificate, the true measure of such a person’s competency often lies in their experience, reputation, and the satisfaction and outcomes of their clients. It is always advisable to research their background and qualifications before choosing to consult a medical intuitive.

While there is currently no universally recognized or governmentally accredited certification for medical intuitives, certain reputable institutions and individuals offer training and certification programs recognized within the field. As always, one should approach such practitioners with an informed perspective and healthy skepticism, consulting with traditional medical professionals regarding any health concerns.