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What is a medical intuitive? And Does it really work?

A medical intuitive is a type of holistic health practitioner who uses intuition, or their [...]

What is a Certified Medical Intuitive?

A Certified Medical Intuitive (CMI) is a professional who uses intuitive abilities to identify potential [...]

Understanding the Connection Between Stress and Energy Imbalances: Insights from Energy Workers

Ever felt drained due to stress or recurring tension? It may have a lot to [...]

Energy Healing 101: An Introduction to the Work of Energy Workers

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Unleashing the Power of Medical Intuition: Exploring the Benefits and Limitations

Medical Intuition is the practice of using intuitive abilities to identify and diagnose illnesses and [...]

The Science Behind Medical Intuition: How Intuitive Healing Works

The rising field of holistic health seeks to combine conventional medical knowledge with intuitive perceptions. [...]

Ethical Considerations in the Practice of Medical Intuition and Energy Work

Medical intuition and energy work constitute a rapidly developing field within alternative medicine that allows [...]

Merging Medicine and Intuition: How Energy Workers Can Complement Traditional Healthcare

Traditional healthcare systems primarily focus on diagnosing and treating physical ailments. However, there is a [...]

How to Set an Energetic Hygiene Routine?

I was fortunate enough to have a very good mentor, who taught me early on [...]

What are the 5 elements in Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine, sometimes referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is an ancient health care [...]