Questions regarding your business?

As unusual as it sounds, businesses are “alive” entities too! This subject came about when some practitioners asked me to energetically “read” their businesses based on a specific question. I was baffled by these new requests, but realized they trusted my abilities and believed in me perhaps more than I did in myself regarding what was seemingly too tangential to what I was doing. To my great surprise, I received vivid answers and was able to offer helpful information to improve their businesses!

I now receive regular requests from healers from all over the world about training they should or shouldn’t do, for example, or where to install their storefront. They can then make a decision with a wider understanding of what their choice could bring into their practice in the long term.

The question(s) must be for the greatest good of all and everything.

Are you opened to receiving insights from your guides and your higher self, but also to the surrounding energies ?

Optimize your trajectory by getting useful information that will help your business.

Please note that all the questions must be for the greatest good of all and everything,

such questions as :

  • Will I be rich soon ?
  • What are the lottery numbers ?
  • How to hurt competition ?

will not be answered.

Examples of good questions :

  • If I do this training, will it help my customers and my business and my overall happiness ?
  • Is this town/street/office a good location for my future business ?
  • Will buying specific equipment be beneficial to my company ?
  • I always see the same number sequence in my life, for example 12600 is my street number, my ID card starts with 12600 etc..  Is there a meaning behind this ? Can it help me throughout my life ?
  • I invest money of modest families and i am worried about their money being in the stock market, can you get any hints ? (that was a real question and I was very surprised to receive a great answer ! )

How much does it cost ?

I charge $100 for a business consultation. Your first question must be your primary question, so think it well ! This is part of the reflexion process !

I will also spend time with you, discussing your options and business strategies (Online and Offline), since i’m also a business owner, i will happily share my experience with you.