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by Patrice

Medical intuitive Patrice Krysztofiak

Side effects may include : Laughter, Joy, Psychic Gifts Activations.

My Story

In 2019, i ran into a traumatic event with my small business, I got sued for a website that didn’t respect regulations and risked a huge fine that a one person business would never be able to pay. I reached a point where, every day for almost a year,  i didn’t want to wake up anymore. That is when I started meditation, then one day, i entered into the light, I was completely surrounded by love and light, I was laughing so hard. This was the beginning of my awakening process.

Then slowly over time, everytime I hugged someone, shook their hand or had other contact, I began being able to see inside their bodies, much like viewing an x-ray.I could actually see their mood, their true selves, and eventually their disease and warn them about it! Then I would receive messages about what to do, like “go see this specialist”, this would optimize their health journey because people would go see the right practionner immediately..

I totally embraced this journey of self discovery, and after months of practicing this skill, I was able to do this without actual physical contact!

Today this gift has expanded to being able to “see” without distance limitations, therefore can be done remotely from any location, to any location.  I was also guided to use my abilities, i.e., energy scanning/reading in a fully lucid state at night! It’s like working a double shift! Hence, the name “Night Shift Guy.” I would receive dreams in full HD about what was going on inside the sick’s person body, with such precision that it was undeniable that everything was true.

With time, i now can do this work during the day. You will find a calendar in the booking section of this website with my availabilities.

Frequently asked questions

Do I do remote sessions?

Yes, the consultations are being done over zoom.

Can I work from photos?

Yes, it is possible, but it is not as effective, because we end up addressing less issues since we can not talk live.

Do you work during the day?

Yes, I do, my time zone is GMT+1 ( that is London UK time). 8 hours ahead of California.

Can you do a reading on the week-end?

Yes. If there are availabilities, it is possible, even on a sunday.

Can you activate my psychic abilities?

I will do my best to get you there. It is always a beautiful surprise when this happens live during a session. You already need to have worked on yourself and be in a state of inner peace for this to happen. I can not guarantee that your gifts will be activated after the session, but you will move closer to your goal.

How does it work?

I am able to set an intention during meditation, and a within a few minutes, I receive messages from your energetical body, but also sometimes from your guides!

Please, be in a zone that has a GOOD internet connexion, and be in a quiet environment during the session. Make sure you won’t be disturbed. The meeting will be online via ZOOM video conference.

What do i see?

I am very blessed to receive very detailed visuals that are packed with information. I will transcribe them to you as precisely as I can. Sometimes, it’s just a static picture, sometimes it’s a full HD movie!

I stumbled upon this picture on the royalty free image bank, Canva (so I bought the photo). It is extremely close to how I can sometimes see your energetical body (however, it is not guaranteed that I will see it this way). Though it is most likely to happen if you found this website. (Nothing is accidental.) I see one body part at a time and rarely the full body all at once.



Important Note : Please be in a relaxed state during a session, do not consume alcohol or drugs as they will disrupt your energy flow.

How long does a session last?

There is no real time limit to each session, and so, session times vary. I receive “downloads” for as long as it is necessary for the universe to deliver the visuals and messages. So far, the longest session I had lasted about 7 hours! And the shortest lasted 2 minutes (and it was one of the most powerful moment of my life !). Most sessions last around 1h20.

What Information do I need from you?

The beauty of those intuitive readings is that I do not need anything from you at all if you don’t want to share your information.

All of your data remains private, and you can even use a nickname if you prefer to remain completely anonymous. It will work nonetheless! You don’t even have to turn your camera on if you are shy.

The way i perform the session, is usually a first scan, where I tell you what I found. Then we address your issues one by one. I found this to be the optimal way of working. Some points can not be adressed if you don’t ask, this seems to be part of the universal law: “you don’t receive help if you don’t ask for it”.

Is a medical intuitive a healthcare professional?

Short answer is NO.

I’m in no way a healthcare professional; all the advice you will receive is considered a “spiritual consultation.” The term, medical intuitive is also much more accepted in the USA than in Europe, where the subject is still actually taboo. For the moment, unfortunately, there are no other names we can use to define people like us, without some confusion about what we do. You may sometimes encounter the terms “medical empath” or “psychic medical diagnosis”.

If you are looking for the “best medical medium”, the universe has its ways, and the one you will pick will be the best for you. (yes it’s ok if you don’t pick me!)

Please note: Always consult a licenced healthcare practioner for all your health problems.

How to book a medical intuitive reading with me ?

Below you will find a calendar with my availabilities.


Are some professionals healthcare providers working with medical psychic readings?

It is more and more frequent in the occidental world that conventional doctors team up with intuitives ! In fact more and more nurses, surgeons and other practitioners are using Reiki and similar holistic approaches in their daily job. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that working with a medical intuitive can optimize your recovery time.

There are countless examples of doctors who asked their patient “how did you do it to recover so quickly?” or “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!”.

Can you ask specific questions?

I prefer to not receive any input from you during the first phase of the reading, in order to remain in a complete neutral zone. After the first reading (anywhere from 5 to 15mn), we will address all your questions one by one.

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One thought on “The Night Shift Guy

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    Tim says:

    Just an update from my session with you last month. I knew it would take a little time to see some results, but this I must share with you. I had been suffering from a few injuries and ailments (Lyme) to include a degradation in my eyesight.

    I am happy to report that almost everything has come back on line, to include my eyes. I also feel more relaxed and at peace, and more tolerant and accepting of things. Many things that used to matter no longer are as important to me. It seems that I can even shut off my Monkey Mind when I need the silence.

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