Who AM I ?

medical intuitive
My name is Patrice, and my gift is…
X Ray Vision


A few years ago, whenever I hugged someone, shook their hand or had other contact, I began being able to see inside their bodies, much like viewing an x-ray. Then, I was able to do this without actual physical contact! Today this gift has expanded to being able to “see” without distance limitations, therefore can be done remotely from any location, to any location. Since I also have a day job, I was guided to use my abilities, i.e., energy scanning/reading in a fully lucid state at night! It’s like working a double shift! Hence, the name “Night Shift Guy.”

How does it work?

I am able to set an intention on your behalf before going to bed via a deep meditation, and a few minutes or hours later, I receive messages from your energetical body, but also from your guides! This is the most detailed way for me of seeing an issue in your body, eventhough i can also see during the day but with less “graphic resolution” for now.

What do i see?

I am very blessed to receive very detailed visuals that are packed with information. I will transcribe them to you as precisely as I can. Sometimes, it’s just a static picture, sometimes it’s a full HD movie!

I stumbled upon this picture on the royalty free image bank, Canva (so I bought the photo). It is extremely close to how I can sometimes see your energetical body (however, it is not guaranteed that I will see it this way). Though it is most likely to happen if you found this website. (Nothing is accidental.) I see one body part at a time and rarely the full body all at once.



Important Note : Please do not ask me for regular readings, for example, every other week or month.  Since I can not do many readings per week (around 2 to 5 ), please allow others who are truly in need an opportunity to receive an energy reading. (Don’t worry, you’ll know if you honestly need it or not!)

How long does a session last?

There is no time limit to each session, and so, session times vary. I receive “downloads” for as long as it is necessary for the universe to deliver the visuals and messages. So far, the longest session I had lasted about 7 hours! And the shortest lasted 2 minutes (and it was one of the most powerful moment of my life !).

What Information do I need from you?

The beauty of this night shift service is that I do not need anything from you at all. I do not even ask for your photo. All of your data remains private, and you can even use a nickname if you prefer to remain completely anonymous. It will work nonetheless!

Am i a medical intuitive?

I’m in no way a healthcare professional; all the advice you will receive is considered a “spiritual consultation.” The term, medical intuitive is also much more accepted in the USA than in Europe, where the subject is still actually taboo. For the moment, unfortunately, there are no other names we can use to define people like us, without some confusion about what we do. Please note: Always consult a licenced healthcare practioner for all your health problems.

Can i do day consultations ?

Yes, it is now possible to have day consultations, because of the high energetical hygiène it requires, i only take 1 patient a day.It is also very frequent that the session once booked, starts a few minutes or hours before it actually stars! (i start receiving information and you start feeling sensations in your body).


Can you ask specific questions?

I prefer to not receive any input from you, in order to remain in a complete neutral zone. However, if you feel compelled and your question is for the greatest good of all and everything, ask anything you want. I do not do romantic readings, and money related questions will not be accepted either (particularly questions like, Will I be rich next week? What are the winning lottery numbers? and so on).

From my point of view, not knowing anything about you is what will result in the best possible outcome. But I understand that sometimes we need to hear something that comforts us (I’ve been there too!)  So yes, it’s possible to ask for a little message from your guides or higher self. During day sessions, you can ask questions after the first “blind reading”.

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